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Professional Quality CLEANING SUPPLIES for EVERY NEED                                                    

  We carry a wide range of home and professional cleaning supplies. In addition to selling you the right product for the job, we will also teach you how to use it. Questions during your project? Go ahead and call us!
Over 1,000
specialty cleaning items in stock
                             A few of our specialty cleaning Items:
                                         Cleaning brushes
                                         Micro Fiber Mops
                                         Euro cloths
                                         Pumie Scouring Sticks
                                         Gloves in a Bottle
                                         No-Scratch Pads
                                         AntiBacterial mops
                                         Specialty Micro fiber cloths
                                         Dryer Vent Brushes!                                                   
                                                      COMMERCIAL QUALITY window cleaning equipment
                                         Specialty Wood Floor Cleaners
Live Bacterial products for cleaning carpets, drains, hard floors.
Let Nature's cleaning wonders make your life easier!
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